Lance and Jill Fleming of Abilene, Texas, are the parents of three children: Rex, Ashley and Ryan.
Lance is the associate director of athletics for media relations at Abilene Christian University and Jill works at Pioneer Drive Baptist Church where they are active members. Lance and Jill were married in April 1997.

Their oldest son, Rex, was diagnosed with a brain tumor on November 22, 2010, Thirty-six days after his eighth birthday, and their lives were never the same. They battled with Rex for two years before he passed away on Sunday evening, November 25, 2012. But the Flemings refused to let Rex’s legacy die with him.

While Rex was going through treatments, the community of Abilene, Texas, stood behind him and made t-shirts that read, “P4X,” meaning Pray For Rex. After his death the “P” transitioned from “Pray” to “Play” when Lance and Jill decided to start the P4X Foundation.

There isn’t a day that goes by when they don’t think about Rex, but they are continually showing his heart to children and families going through similar situations that changed the Flemings lives so drastically. Right before Rex’s first surgery he told his parents, “I’ll live to tell the story.” Lance immediately wrote that statement down on a napkin nearby and carries it with him everyday as reminder of Rex and what he wanted to do with his life. Lance and Jill now know that since Rex is no longer physically able to tell his story, it’s up to them to do so.