The P4X Foundation’s goals are to affect the lives of pediatric cancer patients and their families in a positive way, and be a beacon of hope to people in our community.

The first goal of the foundation is to provide Apple iPod Touches and iTunes gift cards to pediatric cancer patients at Cook Children’s Medical Center. They do this because while Rex was a patient at Cook Children’s, he loved playing on his iTouch while he was undergoing treatments. Our desire is to give the patients something to take their mind off things during their long stays in treatment by listening to music, playing games, or texting their family and friends.

The foundation also desires to help children and families in the Abilene area at Meek Children’s Medical Center at Hendrick Medical Center, the West Texas Rehabilitation Center and Hendrick Hospice. All three of those entities aided the Fleming family in their time of need, and the foundation wants to return the favor of their generosity.

Those goals will happen as we progress with our funds. The foundation wants to become a resource of help—financially and in other ways—for pediatric cancer patients and their families who are struggling with life-altering diseases. We hope to sponsor families as they are going through what the Flemings and others have gone through. We want “Play 4 Rex” to become a symbol for living a life with passion, with purpose and with love, much like Rex lived his life.