Success Stories

In August 2013, Lance and Jill Fleming stepped back into Cook Children’s in Fort Worth. Nearly nine months since their son Rex passed away after his fight with cancer, they returned with an entirely new sense of purpose.

The Flemings re-connected with Rex’s doctor, neurosurgeon and nurse practitioner before making a special visit to the pediatric treatment center to give five children each a brand new iTouch.

“Rex was constantly on one of our iPhones, so that led us to buying him an iTouch so that he could text his friends, watch movies and TV shows, and play games on his own handheld device,” Lance said. “The hospital has a lot of things for kids to do during their treatment, but sometimes those kids like to just get into their own world and do their own thing. When we decided to do something to help kids and their families, Jill had the idea to raise money to purchase iTouches for the kids.”

The Foundation gave more iTouches away in October 2013, as well as at Christmas. The Foundation also provided tow iTouches to children at Meek Children’s Hospital in Abilene, and last fall a family at Cook Children’s Medical Center for an extended stay in the pediatric cancer ward received a $500 meal voucher from the Foundation. And in January 2014, another family in a similar situation at Cook Children’s received a meal voucher to help with food costs.